Sanjeev Kapoor Playboy Beer mug 340 ML 1pc

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  • This Premium Quality Muscle Handle Shape Large Beer Mug is Perfect for
    BEER LOVER. Great for Home and Parties.
  • Completely Dishwasher and Refrigerator safe. Heat and Scratch Resistant Product.
  • Perfect Handheld Size - for Beer Lovers and Drinking Game Fanatics; You can even give them out as housewarming presents or Father's Day gifts.
  • Elegant Big Size Muscle Handle Shape Large Beer Mug Glass That Complements Your Minibar, Ideal for serving beer, juices, cocktails, and much more. Use daily or save them for a special occasion, any drink is best enjoyed from the appropriate stemware.

 Clear glass beer mug with a smooth finish that gives it a crystal and beautiful look. It is wonderful glassware for you and your family to drink coffee or tea every morning and evening.
A suitable mug can not only bring convenience to us but also bring a good mood. The transparent glass can show the liquid inside the well. It can be used on many occasions. You can put it in your home, coffee shop, restaurant, etc.
Top Quality
Premium glass material,food-safe, BPA-free, lead-free, thick and durable, easy hold handle, wide mouth, clear color, large capacity, smooth touch, one set last for years! can cold and hot beverages.
Multi Use
Excellent for all kinds of beer, it's also great for coke, cola, cocktail, juice, milk, and drinks, milkshake, lemonade, breakfast drinks, suit for parties and any occasions like housewarmings, Christmas, festivals, birthday, wedding and more! it can be a great gift to beer lovers and house lovers too!