Sanjeev Kapoor Monarch Karat water Glass set of 6pc

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Sanjeev Kapoor a well known brand across the world presents this beautifully designed multipurpose crystal quality glass set. These glasses are suitable for water, juice, cocktails and beverages. Ideal for both parties and everyday use. Dishwasher safe, freezer and refrigeration safe. Elegant modern designs made by professionals. Makes a great gifting option to anyone.

• PREMIUM MATERIAL: Made from glass beads with excellent transparency with impact resistance higher than conventional glasses, safety to user, extremely friendly with the environment.
• UNIQUE DESIGN: Sanjeev Kapoor  whiskey glass consists of 6 glasses, with extremely beautiful design, the glass material with pattern on the surface when combined with the Juice color will become extremely luxurious.
• BIG VOLUME: With a capacity of 300ml, it's mouth that is large enough to help you easily enjoy Whiskey with ice cubes, and the outside diameter of the glass is just right to make it easy to hold the glass.
• EASY TO USE AND DURABILITY: Using the latest glazing technology that is very resistant to cracking, our whiskey glasses are a bit heavier than other glassware, they have thick walls and bases with excellent durability and use for a long time.