Sanjeev Kapoor Classic Borosilicate Food Storage Air tight Jar 1000ml round shape

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Features of Sanjeev Kapoor Classic Borosilicate Food Storage Air tight  Jar 1000ml round shape
  • Borosilicate Glass Jar With Airtight stainless steel Lid:The airtight glass canister made from clear high-grade borosilicate glass to achieve durable, cold and heat resistant food storage. BPA free.the airtight lid is made from Stainless Steel. Polished Surface,come with a removable silicone gasket to ensure they are airtight, watertight and leak proof. Airtight to ensure food flavor and freshness is maintained for as long as needed
  • Size:Pack of 1(1-piece),
    Diameter: 3.74 inch ,
    Height:16 inch,
    Volume: 1000 ml
  • Sealed Well / Air Tight: The airtight Stainless Steel lid which has a silicone seal ring keeps moisture away from the food inside.100% air tight containers for food
  • Glass Food Storage Jar For The Kitchen:The food storage jar is good for storing dry food,can be used as a glass cereal canister, pasta jar,spaghetti canister, coffee canister,tea container,flour and sugar jar,flower and nuts container,rice container,chocolate and candy Jar and more

    Specifications of Sanjeev Kapoor Classic Borosilicate Air tight food storage container round shape 1000ML


    Sanjeev Kapoor Classic Borosilicate Air tight food storage container round shape 1000ML

    Pack Content

    1 box


    Premium quality of Glass


    Storage container

    Dishwasher Safe


    Approx Dimension in cm(L x B x H)

    16 x 16 x 10

    Approx Weight of the product

    200 Gms


    1000 ml



    Why choose Sanjeev Kapoor glass food storage jar

    Even when you choose BPA-free plastic, toxic, endocrine-disrupting chemicals may migrate into your food during microwaving. We know just how important your health is to you, we have ensured that our glass jar body is made from top grade borosilicate glass which is 100% BPA free, Lead, Phthalate and PVC free. It can be safely washed at higher temperatures in your dishwasher without melting or warping, our premium glass jars are designed to withstand high heat without breaking.


    For storing dry food, cereal, sugar, nuts, rice in the fridge or freezer. Our glass storage containers are freezer-safe so the glass won't break, leak proof with a tight seal (no mysterious liquids sticking to your refrigerator shelves!), and easy to clean. Plus, you don't have to worry about glass releasing chemicals when frozen.

    From a personal standpoint, I'd much rather food storage from glass containers than from plastic. They're pretty close to actual storage containers and don't absorb smells or stains—no frightening marinara discoloration after one too many uses. The airtight stainless steel Lid and transparent glass offer minimalist and modern design that blends in perfectly with your appliances and kitchen decor.


    Recycling. With care, glass containers will last almost indefinitely, and if you do discard of them, they're 100 percent recyclable.

  • Brand:- Sanjeev Kapoor.
  • Type :- Jar.
  • Material :- Borosilicate Glass. 
  • Colour :- Transparent.
  • Dimension :-16 x 16 x 10.5 Centimetre
  • Weight :- 0.6 Kg. 7. Capacity :- 1000 ml. 
  • Features:- Store your pulses, Favourite food items for fresh use every time, The jar is 100% lead-free.
  • Shape:- Round. 
  • Lid Included:- Yes.
  • Lid Material:- Metal.
  • Microwave safe:- Yes. 
  • Dishwasher Safe:- Yes. 
  • Package Content:- 1 pc Round Glass Jar.