Sanjeev Kapoor Boston 3 pc Square Lunch box 400 ml with bag

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Features of Sanjeev Kapoor Boston 3 pc Square Lunch box 400 ml with bag

Made from our finest 100-percent borosilicate glass, they’re perfectly clear and incredibly versatile, helping you balance a busy modern life .

  • Food safe, odour free and easy to clean lunch boxes for your loved ones
  • Made from 100% food-grade, durable glass, microwavable and oven safe so food can be warmed easily
  • Leak-proof with silicone lined lids and 4 durable plastic locks
  • Come in a smart insulated carry bag
  •   Dishwasher safe, freezer ,Microwave and refrigeration safe..

Sanjeev Kapoor brings a variety of products to you. All our products are made from good quality material. This product is easy and simple to use and maintain. 

Material type: Borosilicate Glass;

No. of containers: 3
Capacity of containers: 3 Containers: 400ml Each;

Spill- Proof

The silicon gasket ensures that the container is completely spill-proof and leak proof. Helps retaining the freshness and taste of the food.

Heat, Eat. Store. Repeat

With Borosil, you can eat straight out of the container. Because it can withstand extreme temperatures, put it from the fridge directly into microwave. Or use it to store food in the freezer while prepping meals for a longer period.

Hastle-Free Cleaning

The lid of the container comes with an easy-to-clean silicone gasket. When cleaning, separate the gasket from the lid, soak in soapy water, rub it with a sponge, and rinse under running water. Your container is as clean as new in no time.

Specifications of Sanjeev Kapoor Boston 3 pc Square Lunch box 400 ml with bag


Sanjeev Kapoor Boston 3 pc Square Lunch box 400 ml with bag

Pack Content

3 Pcs Bowl, 1 Pcs box


Premium quality of Glass



Dishwasher Safe


Approx Dimension in Cms(L x B x H)

Bowl: Length: 11.5 cm, Width: 11.5 cm,
Height:6 cm

Approx Weight of the product

 500 gr